Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Estee Lauder Model Search

me ; mama , nk masuk ELMS for this year lagi pleaseeeeeeee ?

mama ; NO WAY lin !

omg NO WAY okayyy :( sedih btoi . the reason i can't join dis year is bcause i hv joined last year and mama said i already have the exprience so jgn nak waste moneyy for something like that lagi okayyy . omg pretty harsh kn ! huhuk :(

mama, i actually want the make up set ok . it's not about the experience pn act . i really want the make up set la mama ! die punye box omg i likeeee . ehehe this year the colour is black . last year was gold but still last year was better i guess . ehehe but i still want it !

but still the memory join mende tuh was pretty amazing . bukan selalu kan kite di make up kan oleh org kn . kalo x kat kenduri kawen , mampos xde sape nk make muke aku . ahahahah rase macam artis plak . after a little make over , wat rmbut plak . move on to the all the clothes . omg dresses , cantik2 okayyy . next , photoshot ! that was the best part . mcm model la kan . pose sane pose sini . for people like me , it was a great experience ! xmenang pn xpe . kite pn xcantik , kite sedar la kan . ramai lg yg cantik . i knowww i saw it . i was amazed by their beauty . omg with all the make up , they looked stunning !

so Estee Lauder Model Search 2008 was 'something' for me ! never gonna forget it . sayang xdpt join this yearr :((

before make over


Photoshot 2

suke2 je photographer ni snap time aku tgh horny . ahahha

pesanan ringkas ; byk sbnrnye pix photoshot die tp bia 3 jela i tnjuk kang sume muntah darah
tgk . ahhahahaha :))

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