Saturday, May 16, 2009

family day

today is one of the great day .
every weekend routine biasa family aku is of course bowling .
so 6pm we headed to jaya jusco ipoh including my uncle's family .
bowling agak ramai so we have to wait about 15min coz ade competition plak .
after 15min, the real game begin . danial join gak . kecik2 pn angkut bola 2 . comel jee :)
ohhh macam biasa , papa tererrrr . but today is auntie's lucky day .
sebab die menang for the first time :) what a supriseee !
exactly on 7.25pm , the game ends .
and the winner is my auntie continue with my uncle and third place is papa .
me ? ohhhh aku pn okayyyyy what . fourth place same with mama .
abang yoi , danial and abang fairoz , im sorry . its just not ur lucky day ! :)

me and danial :)

uncle , auntie and mama .

papa maen tererrr :)

mama pun tererrr :)

danial is trying hard to win . ahaha

after a tiring game kat bowling tadi , kami sumeee g cari makan .
and we decided to go to restaurant sate kajang .
makan sate kajanggggggggg :) hehe abes gemokkan diri , tros blek .

before we headed home , aku g closing tesco . habes closing , tros aku ajk ilani
g karok . 2 lagu cukupppp :) thenn , after penat nyanyi , tros balek umah .
im so tired but totally happy . bestttt gleeeeeeee today :)

nyanyi punyeee feeling . haha

happyyyyy :)


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