Wednesday, May 20, 2009

wish for you

aku bukak , aku tengok , aku nanges :'(
Kenapa aku menangis ? i am supposed to be hppy bcoz he finally move on just like i did .
Move on kah aku ? gambar masih di laptop , msg masih di handphone , video masih tak delete ,
teddy bear masih di katil . I neva thought that life was hard , the memories with u was totally amazing. Baby , dear , sume panggilan yg kaw usually called me, now ur using it with someone else.
i thought that move on over u was pretty easy. Being with him, well i thought i could get over u.
tp xsemudah itu. tgk kaw move on with someone else, really hurts me . Mayb this is exactly what u felt when u looked the photos of me and him. Oh how hurt to seee u move on. But why exactly did i cry ? Izzit because i had never let u go or am i still in love with u ? I cried so loud , so hard . My tears keep on falling when i look those comments. Oh what exactly is this feeling? I have him but i still cry for u ? ntah la . even i sndirik xde jwpnnye , im confuse :/ Takpe lah aku xnk disturb anyone happiness espeacially u. Those memories with u will never be erased. u are like my first love bcause 4 me , i xpnh bg love i seserious i bg u . hmmm i know she's not like me .
dia bertudung and im not . aku sosial and she's not . oh how different we are . u know , i always said to u before that if one day we are no longer together , u promised me that u will continue our love story with someone more better than me , who could thought u more about life , i mean someone who matured than me , someone who are more prettier not only in the face but the 'attitude' also. and there u go . u found her !! Im happy for u. ilani ckp , " jodoh xkemana. kalo skrg ko xdgn die, tp 5-6 thun nati ko jmp die, sape taw kn". yup , maybe by the time i meet u nati u hv happily married to her . oh that's life..... Ape2 pun , thanks to MARINI AMIN SUGGUN, the first person i call lps tgk u kt friendster. thanks nini sbb tenangkan aku bile aku nanes tersedu2 td . Thanks also to ILANI BT ISHAK kerana angkt call even tgh sibuk bkrja n terus brjnji akn dtg umah i krn risau dgn tangisan i ini and tepat jam 6.45ptg lani dtg untuk dga mslh i even lps pnt bkrja. and thanks to AIMAN NABILLAH BT ZULKAFLI sbb bg nasihat n semangat kerana mood i sudah tiada lgsg ptg td . ohh yeah thanks gak kat EGA @ MOHD ASWAD , mama punye pekerja yg sedar mate aku bengkak dan cuba brtnya knpa tp aku xnk gtaw . thanks sbb blanje mkn tnpa mengetahui apa yg trjdi . THANKS EVERYBODY ! i love u guys no matter what :'( hope that i'll be strong .

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